Natural and gentle soap-free shampoo for all hair types. Richly foaming shampoo washes the hair clean and is gentle on the scalp. The natural oils contained in the shampoo make the hair easy to handle. Reduces tangles and brings softness and well-being to the hair.

The unique Finnish oat oil contains a lot of ceramides, which soften the scalp and give hair shine. Oat oil also protects hair from damage and strengthens hair.

Organic jojoba oil nourishes and moisturizes the hair and scalp. The antioxidants in jojoba oil help the blood circulation of the scalp, strengthen the hair and control the irritation of the scalp.

Very rich and foamy.

Oat-honey shampoo does not contain soap or sulfates. Does not make the hair sticky or dry the scalp. Suitable for the Curly Girl method.

No added fragrances. Vegan and 100% biodegradable. The material have been manufactured in Finland.