The Harmony of Sauna2022-07-01T14:40:49+02:00

Authentic sauna experience

Connection to nature is
a scarce luxury nowadays.
Through the authentic sauna experience
you can find it in your home.

Rento has been a big part of the Finnish sauna experience for a decade. To celebrate the anniversary, we are introducing a redesigned Rento selection that includes well-loved classics and proven materials in new designs as well as completely new and innovative products. The packaging of the Rento product range has been completely redesigned, and the stylish look calls people to look closer and try the products.

The entire product range proudly carries the ‘Design from Finland’ label, and most products have the Key Flag Symbol to indicate manufacture in Finland.

From the balance of the
ancient elements of fire,
water, earth and air
stems a relaxing moment
of natural luxury.

It helps you to pause for a moment, cleanse your body
and purify your soul. Relax and enjoy the Harmony of
the authentic Finnish Sauna experience.



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