Safe and familiar – Sauna aesthetics are minimalistic and natural

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Natural, dim and minimalistic. This is how Laura Seesmeri, postdoctoral researcher at the University of Turku, describes sauna aesthetics. In her doctoral thesis ‘Sauno itsellesi menneisyys’, Seesmeri has studied sauna aesthetics as part of the cultural heritage of sauna. “There are two aspects to sauna as a space: what

6 reasons why the Rento Pisara wash basin is perfect for a Finnish sauna

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We have compiled six good reasons why the drop-shaped wash basin is the perfect choice for a Finnish sauna. Charming appearance The drop-shaped wash basin is something entirely new. The design of the wash basin is both simple and clever. The product is made of biocomposite, the wood fibers

Wash basin takes the shape of a drop

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When industrial designer Ismo Reponen from IrePoint Oy started designing the Rento Pisara wash basin, he had seven different ideas for the new product. In the end, the concept of a clearly drop-shaped wash basin was created on the designer’s desk. “Simplicity is beautiful. It is in the simplified

Boost the look of your sauna! Tips for trendy hot rooms

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Large-scale upgrades are not always needed. Instead, you can spruce up your home sauna with textiles and containers. The 2022 decoration trends – responsibility, closeness to nature and bright colors – will also work in a sauna. Responsibility and spending time at home have been a trend in home


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