Large-scale upgrades are not always needed. Instead, you can spruce up your home sauna with textiles and containers. The 2022 decoration trends – responsibility, closeness to nature and bright colors – will also work in a sauna.

Responsibility and spending time at home have been a trend in home decor for some years, which is a good thing, as this allows every enthusiastic home decorator to make smart decisions. Due to the pandemic, the start of the 2020s saw us spend a lot of time at home and invest in the way we live.

Renovation prices have shot up over the past year, but luckily a massive project is not always necessary. For example, a small space like a sauna can often be brightened up by updating a few individual elements.

If you do not feel like changing the color of the benches or walls in the heat of the summer, why not introduce a new pail and some textiles instead?

Earth tones with a little splash of color

Color institute Pantone chooses a color for each year. The color for 2022 is called Very Peri, which is a slightly purple shade of blue. According to Pantone, the color is a combination of the calmness of blue and the energy or red.

And if you do not want to use this particular purple in your otherwise traditional sauna, you can still let it inspire your color scheme. Afterall, muted tones with a hint of vibrant color for some energy are perfect in a sauna.

Soft earth tones remain popular. Sand, brown and grey are relaxing and can work in both light and dark saunas.

A bright primary color, such as red, catches the eye. A bright red pail or a seat towel livens up a sauna that has a soft color scheme, adding an interesting vibe to the room.

Soft textiles, wood and metal

Trendy home decoration materials are also well-suited to saunas. At the moment, the most popular one is wood, which is, naturally, perfect for hot rooms as well.

The 1990s are a rising trend, and metal is strongly connected to its home decor style. Shiny steel and birch wood are also a good combination in sauna pails and water ladles. Furthermore, these materials are typical for Scandinavian design.

If you would rather not have a steel pail in your sauna, you can choose a metallic thermometer for the same effect. Perhaps this summer you could replace that old “humorous” thermometer with a new metal one.

When it comes to textiles, soft materials and the punch needle technique are currently in. Sauna towels and bathrobes can easily reflect this soft and relaxed trend, which matches the feeling of cooling down after a sauna.

Immersion and responsibility

Familiar from the world of gaming, immersion is a hot topic at the moment. Usually, the word refers to virtual realities, but nowadays the idea is also frequently used in education and art. Immersion is about experiencing something deeply, which also applies well to the sauna.

In addition to the heat, the sounds and scents of a sauna contribute to the experience. And this immersion takes place in real life, not a virtual one. You can enhance this experience by using different types of sauna fragrances. When used wisely, they can carry us to other worlds and, thus, function as part of the immersion.

Returning back to reality from the virtual worlds, we find that responsibility is the prevailing megatrend. This is also reflected in home decor. Sustainably manufactured products are currently popular.

People want to follow trends, but at the same time they want to buy products that will last for a long time. For example, recycled materials are a responsible choice in textiles, and instead of traditional wood, you could choose a pail made from a biocomposite.

Another form of responsibility is to look after your possessions. By emptying your pail after every use and washing it regularly you can extend its lifespan.

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