Christmas sauna, which is a tradition originating in farming culture, is associated with plenty of traditions and beliefs. It was often considered the most important ritual leading up to Christmas in rural communities. The significance of the sauna among traditions is emphasized by its role as the place where people were born and where the body and mind were purified and healed. According to beliefs, the sauna has also served as the bathing place for sauna and house elves or sprites.

Most of the beliefs associated with Christmas sauna are, however, now in the past and the impact of making noise in the Christmas sauna on the amount of mosquitos the next summer or the pranks carried out by the house elf are hardly believed anymore. Even though Christmas sauna traditions have changed and they have been adapted to suit each family , the meticulous cleaning and preparation of the sauna for Christmas remains an important routine in contemporary Christmas sauna traditions. You can add to the ambience of your Christmas sauna by lighting the route to the sauna with lanterns and decorating the area with high-quality, soft textiles. Bathing by candlelight and adding your favorite fragrance to water thrown on the stove will add a sprinkle of magic to your sauna experience.

The exact time when to bathe in the sauna can also be chosen freely according to your other activities anywhere between the day before Christmas eve to Christmas day or Boxing day, and there are no limits to how many people can bathe and how many times. Joulusaunassa viihdytään yleensä myös kiireettömästi tavallista pidempään nauttien.You do not need to hurry when you are in the sauna at Christmas time.

Christmas sauna is a time for relaxation

The Christmas sauna, or the first sauna during Christmas time if you are an avid bather, provides a break from the hustle and bustle leading up to Christmas and allows the bathers to start celebrating Christmas. The warmth of the sauna will relax you and create a peaceful moment between the preparations and the festivities.

You can emphasize the relaxation of the sauna and the resulting feeling of freshness with the right choice of textiles. Long sauna bench towels and a sauna pillow will make you want to enjoy the heat by laying down in the sauna, and sauna bench towels for one are convenient, when the people bathing want to come and go as they please.

If we get to enjoy a white Christmas, the bravest among us may want to roll around in the snow between bathing. The Kenno collection provides pleasant towels and robes that will pamper your skin when you want to relax and cool off after the sauna or hop in and out of the heat. You can use the absorbent, large towels to dry your skin after bathing and let your skin enjoy the heat of the sauna for longer.

Sauna traditions are still about connecting with nature

The sauna whisk is a major part of Christmas sauna ambiance and a natural link to earlier sauna traditions. The expertly dried birch bath whisk is fragrant. The birch bath whisk, which must be soaked thoroughly before bathing, will invigorate the blood circulation of your warm skin. The warm water used to soak the whisk will provide a lovely fragrance when thrown on the sauna stove.

Sauna scents will complete the fragrant experience. The most traditional scents alongside birch include tar, forest and pine. If you would like to choose a more contemporary scent, you can opt for the aromatic and invigorating eucalyptus, the fresh cocktail of tart citrus fruit or the fresh scent of berries ripened by the midnight sun in Lapland. You can even enhance your sauna experience by mixing up your own scent.

Snacks and refreshments for leisurely enjoyment

Everyone appreciates the peace and the quiet and the languor and good feeling brought on by the comprehensive relaxation of the sauna. . At its best, the Christmas sauna is about taking your time to bathe, which means that you should reserve some small snacks in the changing room in addition to refreshments. Gingerbread cookies, mulled wine and a mix of raisins and nuts are excellent snacks for the Christmas sauna. And even if you do not believe in old tales and elves, it will not do any harm if the last bather throws some water on the stove and leaves some snacks out for the sauna elf.

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